La Trobe University Australia

La Trobe University Australia – Memorandum of Understanding

La Trobe University  is one of the most sought after university in Australia for all those Indian student who wish to study in Australia. It is the second largest university campus in Australia. In order to get strong with its educational background in India La Trobe University has signed a memorandum with most of the major important varsities in India among which are IIT Madras, Delhi Technological University, Bengaluru University, Presidency College. They have signed this MOU to attract more students. The memorandum with La Trobe University will include joint student projects, joint research development, student staff exchange to enhance educational knowledge, internships, tour and job opportunities.

The La Trobe University faculty are keen in introducing joint degree programs both in Post graduate ( PG ) and Under graduate (UG ).

They have also collaborated with Singapore Prestigious National University of  Singapore (NUS), which is one of the collaborated university with IIT Madras.


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